Get Abstract Login Management - Team Password Manager

Log into Get Abstract and more than 9000 other apps quickly and securely with a one password. Bitium's easy-to-use Single Sign-On solution makes Get Abstract login management simple.

Users log in once to Bitium, allowing them to launch Get Abstract and more than 9000 other web apps with a single click of an icon from their Bitium dashboard. Single sign-on helps employees save time, prevents lost or forgotten passwords, and reduces the risk of password phishing for your organization.

Bitium empowers teams by allowing them to share access to apps without sharing passwords. Employees can access shared apps with one click in Bitium without ever knowing the underlying password, which helps to keep your corporate passwords more secure.

Bitium gives you complete control over who has

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access to your corporate cloud accounts. You can manage access for users individually or by group . Bitium also allows you to monitor the security grade of user passwords and how often they are reused between accounts.

The Active Directory integration allows you to sync your directory with Bitium to manage access rights. Grant, change or remove credentials for any user in your directory in real time from within Bitium. You can also connect with LDAP, Google Apps or use Bitium as your primary identity directory.

Add an extra layer of password protection with multifactor authentication using our preferred smart phone app or third-party solution from vendors like Duo Security.

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