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Having good art on your walls is one of the most effective ways to showcase who you are, inside your home. While figurative and representational art or photography can be a fantastic addition to any home, there’s something special about a living space embellished with beautiful abstract art. Non-figurative and abstract art is by its very nature modern, and it can therefore enhance your overall design scheme by cementing and crystallizing the modern style you’ve embraced. west elm’s selection of abstract art includes a generous variety of different types and styles of art, allowing you to find exactly what you need to complete your home decor arrangement in a way that’s authentic to who you are and guaranteed to bring you enjoyment every time you look at it.

Our carefully curated collection of modern art includes many unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, including handcrafted papier mache art made by Haitian artisans. These non-representational paper wall sculptures and collages are crafted sustainably, using recycled materials and plant-derived glues to provide you with a one-of-a-kind art piece that has a foundation of ethical production to bolster its existing aesthetic appeal. We work directly with a variety of other independent artists and organizations to bring you abstract art pieces that help boost and sustain hardworking individuals all over the world.

We’ve also paired with Minted, an online marketplace and platform for independent artists and designers, to bring you handpicked art selections made by talented artists and designers. Our Minted prints give greater opportunity both to the artists who made the work and to you, who might not otherwise have been able to find the perfect piece that matches so well with what you’ve been imagining for your home. These and other selections from our collection of abstract art come to you fully framed,

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so you won’t have to wait or spend more for your new decorative pieces to be ready for the wall.

If you’re eager to get started building a gallery wall with different art pieces, consider choosing a selection of abstract art in different sizes, textures and colors. Gallery walls can be either eclectic or unified, and there are points in the middle of the spectrum, too, that allow you to blend a variety of different art pieces around a unifying theme. To strike the right balance, you can decide on a specific quality that each piece will have. For abstract art, color and shape are often the simplest elements to focus on and carry through each piece you choose. No matter what ends up characterizing the art you choose, gallery walls look great when they include a variety of pieces in different sizes displayed in a balanced arrangement.

Too add some textural variety to your gallery wall, consider adding a wall sculpture or some other kind of dimensional art piece to the arrangement. We offer both figurative and abstract dimensional art options that allow you to add variety to any wall in your house. Many of our abstract dimensional art pieces look fantastic on their own, too, allowing you to create a statement wall over a mantelpiece or at some other design focal point. From monochromatic metal wall sculptures to two-tone geometric panels made from upcycled wood, you can choose to display our dimensional abstract art in small groups for a more dramatic impact.

Whether you choose a collection of abstract prints or curate a mixed collection of figurative and non-representational pieces, our collection of art pieces is sure to contain several options that appeal to your taste. Dress your walls up with style and give your living space an extra boost of enjoyment.

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