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Welcome to the fine art gallery of abtract artist Jaison Cianelli - offering large contemporary canvas art paintings and prints for sale. Cianelli is a passionate artist using innovative techniques in acrylic paint and digital mixed media that capture emotion and awaken the senses. His unique modern abstract art paintings are expressive of nature and spirit to transform your living environment with positive energy.

"My art is connecting with the creative expression that manifests by being grateful for LIFE. To connect I feel incredibly happy. Through my art I hope to inspire others and share the positive energy I receive." - Jaison Cianelli


Abstract Landscapes

Abstract landscape paintings.

Abstract Paintings

Contemporary abstract art paintings.

Seascape Paintings

Seascapes and ocean paintings.

Abstract Energy Art

Large abstract art on canvas.

Word Art Paintings

Inspirational abstract art paintings.

Abstract Sacred Art

Abstract forms and spiritual concepts.

buy contemporary art

When you buy a painting at Cianelli Studios you are buying original contemporary art direct from Jaison Cianelli's art studio. Buying artwork in this manner is financially beneficial to both the artist and art collector. To buy an original abstract painting simply contact Jaison Cianelli to verify the availability of the painting you are interested in. Upon confirmation and agreement upon the price you can proceed to make the purchase of the artwork directly from him.

abstract art prints for sale

We are offering museum quality prints on paper as well as canvas art, metal art, and acrylic art reproductions for all of Cianelli's artwork. These giclée prints look beautiful and can be custom made per order based on the size needed for your space as well as matting and framing options. Canvas art is created with care on beautiful glossy canvas and stretched onto sturdy gallery stretcher bars - ready for hanging on your wall when it arrives. For more information visit our Print Buying Guide.

about abstract art

Jaison Cianelli is an abstract artist with a passion for expression. His abstract landscape paintings, seascape paintings, and abstract paintings are inspired by the visual cues in nature and expressed with spirit and spontaneity from emotions within. Jaison Cianelli is

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fascinated with the way paint pours onto the canvas. He uses a modern painting technique of dripped-on paint texture combined with layers of acrylic paint suspended in a gloss medium to create his unique abstract paintings. The resulting ambience is emotive and suggests fluid movement, creating an energy on the canvas with a wonderful tactile quality.

the need to create abstract art

Abstract art is a contemporary style of painting that demonstrates a visual language unique to every abstract artist. While some modern non-representational abstract art can be chaotic or abscure, Jaison's work references nature and a larger connection to the universe. For Jaison, creating abstract art is an expressive means to channel creative energy with positive emotions that reflect upon a higher vision within. While journeying through the abstract painting process Cianelli searches for a rhythm in the moment to find creative expression that communicates a balance and a beauty unto itself. He hopes to share this beauty, positively impacting the visual surroundings of peoples lives.

abstract landscape paintings

An abstract landscape painting is both abstract art and a landscape painting. This contemporary painting style can involve a great deal of creative expression either by altering scenery that exists in real life or by creating an imagined setting. Abstract landscapes are intentionally different from what exists in real life. Jaison Cianelli's abstract landscape paintings can offer the viewer another way of seeing the natural environment. His abstract landscape paintings sometimes express the energy of life and nature. His abstract landscapes also communicate a sense of human emotion using the earth, air, fire, and water elements. Cianelli seeks to create an abstract composition that is unique to his emotions while maintaining the familiarity of and harmony of nature.

abstract energy art

For Jaison abstract art can convey energy that stirs your emotions and awakens the creative mind. Using a keen eye and intuition he is able to create these mixed media abstract paintings with vibrant colors, waves of light, and layered movement. These abstract canvas artworks are created very large to awaken the senses and transform their environment with positive harmonious energy. To view these large abstract art prints on canvas visit the Abstract Energy Art gallery.

For more up-to-date information we invite you to follow Jaison's career on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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