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Watercolor prints may be soft and muted or bold and energizing depending upon the artist who wields the brush. All, however, have a distinctly luminous beauty, making watercolor posters a superb, affordable choice for home or office decor. Saatchi Art offers a broad range of watercolor prints for sale featuring an array of artistic styles, color palettes, and subjects to suit your personal tastes. Explore our international selection today.

The history of watercolor paintings can be traced back to Paleolithic caves in Europe where people represented various  wildlife on stone using natural pigments. Watercolor also became very popular in several Asian countries including China, Japan, and Korea as early as 4000 B.C. In these countries, painters experimented with different brushstrokes and ink wash densities to create portraits, landscapes, and calligraphy scrolls, typically using  a black or brown palette. Monks during the Middle Ages often used watercolor within sacred illuminated manuscripts.  More artists began experimenting with watercolor pigments during the Renaissance (when paper became more easily accessible) focusing on creating watercolor paintings of  wildlife and flora. In 19th century England, watercolor artists established the medium as a serious art form, founding groups such as the Society of Painters in Water Colours (1804) and the New Society of Painters in Water-Colours

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(1831). By 1886, a similar group was founded in America--The American Society of Painters in Watercolor.

Decorating With Watercolor Prints

If you decorate your home or workspace with calming neutral shades or pastels, watercolor art prints would harmonize very nicely, creating an overall mood of tranquility within the space. Find one watercolor print you love as a focal piece, and consider creating a gallery wall of various other watercolor prints in a coordinating palette. If you favor a bolder, more eclectic look, create a print gallery wall of works in various mediums--for example, watercolor, oil, and collage--in different sizes and frame styles, but in complementary colors. For help with your search, view Saatchi Art’s curated collection of watercolor prints now.

Gifting With Watercolor Prints

Watercolor prints would make lovely gifts for any art lover, but would be particularly inspiring for hobbyists who enjoy painting in watercolors themselves. Floral watercolor prints (a common subject in the medium) would be the perfect choice for gardeners or other nature enthusiasts. Examples of such works include Orchid study X  and Gardenia VII by Karin Johannesson. Fine examples of nature watercolor paintings include watercolor 216061 by Pol Ledent and Forest Imagery by Sandrine Pelissier. Those who love watercolor portraiture may enjoy Twistly | blendscapes by Oriol Angrill Jorda, Innocent by Sylvia Baldeva, and The Batik Scarf by Maurice Sapiro.

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