41 Best Abstract Paintings in the World

The abstract painting refers to a form that is not realistic or natural, which does not show such a form that we recognize as objects, or something that we see in everyday reality. Abstract painting is a form of imagination that is processed by the artist in the search for the essence of the object. So the form of the shape of the object can be unique. But the form of abstract painting itself is not known to us whether we encounter in the real world.

One characteristic of abstract art is a form we never recognize. Abstract form is not associated with any form that we’ve seen, but if we observe, it would look like something. Colors and shapes as well as other additives in abstract painting are the subject of the painting to look more unique. In the making, abstract painting is quite sensitive to the composition and use more color watercolor. The following are examples of 100 best abstract paintings in the world we need to know.

Abstract Painting Romantic Dance. Artist : Unknown

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src="http://inspirationseek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Abstract-Painting-Romantic-Dancing.jpg%20570w,%20http://inspirationseek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Abstract-Painting-Romantic-Dancing-240x300.jpg%20240w" alt="Abstract Painting Romantic Dancing" srcset="http://inspirationseek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Abstract-Painting-Romantic-Dancing.jpg 570w, http://inspirationseek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Abstract-Painting-Romantic-Dancing-240x300.jpg 240w" width="612" >

Abstract Painting. Artist : Unknown

Abstract Painting Ideas. Artist : Leonid Afremov

Abstract Painting Nature. Artist : Peggy Davis

Abstract Painting Flower Nature. Artist : Agatha Hutton

Abstract Painting The Residence. Artist : Unknown

Abstract Painting The Tree. Artist : Unknown

3D Abstract Nature Painting. Artist : 

Abstract Painting 

Abstract Painting The Forest 

Abstract Nature Painting The Animals

Nature Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting The Dark

Abstract Art Painting The Peoples and Nature

Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract Art Painting Couple in Nature

Abstract Art Paintings Walk Alone in Autumn

Imaginative Abstract Painting

Art Abstract Painting

The City Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting Pictures

Abstract Painting Close Up Flower

Abstract Painting Music

Abstract Painting People Face and Eyes

Abstract People Face Painting. Credit : Natiq Jalil 

Abstract Painting Couple People Kiss

Abstract Painting People Community

Abstract Painting of Peoples in Club

Abstract Painting Girl Face

Abstract Painting Fluid Acrylic

Abstract Painting The Futuristic People

Abstract Painting People Horse Racing

Abstract Art Painting People at The Village

Abstract Art Painting Half Girl Face

Abstract Art Painting People and The Tree

Full Color Abstract Art Painting

The Women Abstract Art Painting

Abstract Art Painting Still Alive

Abstract Art Painting Sad Faces

Abstract Painting Canvas of Horse Head

Modern Abstract Painting Canvas of Bird

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