How to Create an Abstract Painting

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    Move your canvas to the floor. Many abstract artists say that this allows them to be closer to the work. Also, if you're creating a gestural, or action, abstract painting, it will be easier to apply the paint in a variety of ways.

    • Don't feel as though you can't move the canvas while you're painting. In fact, you may create unique designs by starting on the floor and then moving the canvas upright while the paint is still wet.

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    Clear your mind. With gestural abstract art, you're not attempting to represent an image. Instead, focus on the process of applying the paint. Try a variety of applications and see what you like.

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    Mix your paint directly on the canvas. Since this is more about the process of painting, you don't need to worry about creating a specific palette to work from before you begin. Instead, work on the colors as you're painting.

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    Pour paint onto the canvas, optional. Pouring paint on the canvas is simply one way to create a totally unique and unplanned image. Pour as much or as little paint as you like.

    • You can also vary

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      the distances from which your pour paint onto your canvas. Pouring from a great height will most likely create splatters, while pouring closer will offer more control and precision.

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    Splatter or drip paint onto the canvas, optional. Use whatever implement you like and dip in the paint. Then, flick the tool in order to splatter the paint or hold it over the canvas, allowing the paint to drip.

    • You can use brushes, straws, squirt bottles, or old toothbrushes to splatter or drip the paint.

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    Try closing your eyes and painting. If there's one thing that most abstract artists agree on, it's that an abstract painting shouldn't represent reality. One of the best ways to remove yourself from accidentally painting a recognizable form is to paint with your eyes closed.

    • Allow the brush and paint to move over the canvas without worrying about the image you're creating. This type of painting is more about the experience than the outcome.

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    Stop when the painting feels complete. Do not go back to improve or touch it up. Abstract artists don't think about the outcome; they just stop when they feel ready. Do not overwork your painting, but learn to finish it the moment you feel it is finished.

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