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You need to love being an artist to make it work for yourself and it's true .. you need to be a bit nuts. If you are motivated solely by money .. you will soon starve to death, it would be better to follow a career in accounting or tow truck driving. Do not expect your motivations to be understood by anyone, least of all yourself or those around you. The fact is, the true artist can exist anywhere as a figment of their own imagination.
So .. now you're here to buy art ..  right? COOL! buy mine. Or ask me to paint something for you especially.
I will carefully package and courier an original artwork painting to you anywhere in the world, If you are local, you are welcome to pick up from my Art Studio in Kawau Bay, Auckland.I will acceptCash for art / Credit Cards for art / Trade for art / Swap for art/ Lay by art/ time payment for art ... justabout anything for art

Make an offer on any painting or you may have something to trade? I am keen to talk, pay off an artwork monthly?I would much rather see my art on your wall than in a gallery or at my studio.

Pirate Ship for sale A sketch in oils of my floating Pirate painting studio and art smuggling exhibitions ship... currently under construction using recycled corrugated iron from Kevin's shed, carved from iron and wood by myself and a Hobbit as assistant. (And they said I was mad .. ha ha them!) It will be fitted with a Pterodachdaryl wing sail. Picture

Propped up like the subject in a Salvador Dali painting. A corrugated iron artwork by Daryl Lex Price. Length is 40 feet .. or just over 12 meters I think, width at it's widest is 1.8 metres. I hope it is legal to build art like this, I lie in bed at night worrying about it ..


The 'poop style deck' of the pirate ship, waiting for some attention.

Portrait of Effie trinket from the 'Hunger Games' movie. Can I paint a portrait for you?

"Hello, I am Effie Trinket, from 'The Hunger Games' movie. I am only a painting hand made by Daryl but I just love him and what he is doing with his Pirate Ship. If you buy a painting by Daryl, it will help finish this floating artwork! .. he has promised to take me over the oceans and show me the decadent ways of a pirate artist... I am SO excited! "

Fantasy Hobbit Pirate ship for sale

Experimenting? with some graphics and colour added.

NZ sculpture, Pirate ship

The cavernous space inside my ship.. well big enough for somewhere to sleep, a pizza oven, some treasure and a few bottles of cheap pirate whisky.


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  • Ivan Clarke
  • Johanna Ward
  • Alex Grey
New Zealand art by Daryl Lex Price

I really must apologise here.. I appear more insane in reality.

Vincent van Gogh: artist.

A fellow New Zealand Artist, (Vincent van Chook)

Picture: Dragon carving in NZ kauri

The carving work in progress for the bowsprit thingy .. made from recycled New Zealand Kauri.

NZ art sculture for sale.

The wheel to hopefully steer the boat. Trying some colours out here.


One day when I finish this mural there will be a big party.. hope I'm there.

NZ Mural Artist in France

Hey Daryl! .. we are already having the party to celebrate the launching of your floating artwork... Where are you?


Too late Daryl. we have started the party again and you are still not here !

Traditional style or something with a

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contemporary twist? maybe I can paint something especially for you, as I have done for many people. I will paint your portrait, a favourite scene from your travels or maybe an interpretation from a photograph.

 .. Anyway, hope you enjoy your visit and my sense of humor. It's too late to have a laugh when you're dead ..

Daryl .. he make anice painting like me!

Daryl .. he make a nice painting for you, like this one he made of me.

Pleasesend a comment on my online artworks, my boat artwork, Effie Trinket, or to discuss anything bothering you, or maybe a suggestion for the website and I will post it below.    (click here) 

Hi Daryl.This 'Murial' is so fantastic. It was such a privilege to be staying at Maison de Matriesse and watching its creation in the making. Viewing it has brought back many fantastic memories of our stay and of 'meeting the artist', disrupting you on a fairly regular basis, drinking lots of wine, and watching Americas Cup races with you!You are very very talented and Amanda is so lucky to have this brilliant 'Murial' celebrating friends and good times. Wendy Brackenridge a.k.a. Mrs Higgins.Friday June 14, 2013Hi Daryl Thanks for the email update. The painting looks terrific… Can’t wait to see it. Please advise consignment note details when available and also anticipated delivery date into Hong Kong.Thanks so much for arranging this. Kind regards Bob K.I absolutely LOVE this artist! Looking at his stuff is like snorting horseradish with your senses... LOL!  

(I found this comment on the web) .. Daryl)

SherwinSaturday, November 20, 2011Your art reminds me of Van Gogh and Munch,these two artists have the ability to portray the soul and the spirit. Another common thing with both of them is they are living in the Hyperperceptive state a condition experienced by geniuses and prepsychotics he he, you're a GENIUS!  ( Hey Sherwin, not sure if I understand all of this but would you email my brother with a copy of this!)     NaomiWednesday, March 10, 2011okay, i'm just going to say it. you are my Vincent van Gogh. i live in America, and your work captivates me. i am a designer and writer, but i've always loved art and feel truly blessed to have found an artist in my lifetime whose work is a complete expression of what i love. there. i said it. i am saving my money to buy my first original from you, but until then I'll be showing your site to everyone i can. Naomi.  AllyWednesday, October 7, 2009 Love your your work... especially the ones with all the movement and energy...and the lovely soft energy in the landscapes...LOVE the Gauguin one with the Vincent connection :)...  reminds me of Philip Clairmont ... I especially appreciate that you are also promoting other NZ artists... keep up the great work!!NamasteDANSunday, September 20, 2010hi Daryl...My name is Dan Calisura from Philippines...I'm an artist also...actually some of your paintings are great...i like the brush-stokes....and the composition...      FionaSaturday, June 27, 2009'Land Of The Coasters' - Glorious depiction of our west coast, curious that it's not the typical fierce, wild and rugged usual portrayal, but it roars at me 'Where The Wild Things Are'. Intentional or not, I love it! Can't imagine anything more wondrously wild to evoke the wildness of our west coast. Alex's adventures and your painting now hand in hand in my mind, forever 'Land Of The Wild Things'...ha!Ian RobertsonWednesday, May 14, 2008"Good on you mate"-keep up the faith..cheers IanKSRobertson      Harvey SegalWednesday, February 13, 2008 Nice portrait! (Age) It's nice to see someone who knows how to draw on this site, instead of all that phoney abstract stuff.      Bonnie O.Wednesday, February 13, 2008 I love this portrait! It makes me smile. If I had this picture, I'd be looking at it a lot! He looks like he's winding up to tell a story or a joke. You've captured that moment when he seems to be determining if the listener will appreciate his words or not. What fun to imagine what he might be ready to share. Thank you.Adam CumberlegeMonday, December 10, 2007 Hello,, Just viewing your fabulous paintings - I do like the paintings with other famous artists' paintings within .. very talented.I am a budding artist .. just doing some good work, about 4 portraits and some others paintings for variation.. hope to exhibit soon.

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