Lime green abstract art | A painting called 'My Generation' by Swarez

It’s probably not that obvious to see but there are a large number of different techniques in this painting. The ability to use the ones I enjoy the most in one painting is a rare thing. And to be fair, it’s normally only this shape and kind of artwork I can do it on. In the past I have used a similar set of applications methods to create some very pleasing paintings but this is a first for these colour combinations. And what a combination it is…

What can you say about that stunning lime green

It’s loud, opulent, stark, confident and a little bloody-minded. But its ability to morph into a more soothing backdrop is surprising given the strength of it. There are two reasons for this. First is the shape of the paint that I’ve over it and second is the choice of colour.

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It’s these two factors that change the painting in an instant. No longer are you smacked in the face by the lime but instead reassured and calmed by the purple-blue (to begin with) then the metallic gold next and the ancillary colours of metallic blue and light aqua afterwards. This is entirely planned as I am trying to take your eyes on a journey across the painting.

I don’t like to keep the story-line rigid or plain; I like to weave a tale into everything I do. And if that is only ever expressed by how you react when you see it then that’s fine by me. It’s a back and forth painting in my opinion. The gentle arcs that surround the big areas of paint are like arms being wrapped around you. They bring everything together and give definition and form to the painting.

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