Landscape Paintings

In the 15th century, paintings of landscapes became an independent genre. German painter Albrecht Durer water color landscapes appeared as chorography.
There are idyllic ideal landscapes in Italy, and hero landscape of ancient mythical figure in France. British artist John Constable art in the 18th century is the turning point of history. Modern landscape oil painting in 19th century pay attention to depict the natural scenes such as mountains, seas, late autumn and morning mist which haven’t been depicted by predecessors. The French Barbizon School began to express the natural landscapes in the attitude of naturalism.
In the late nineteenth century, impressionism artists landscape paintings use the subtle coordination of light and shade and color to make oil canvas become an important category in painting. On the part of contemporary landscape painting history, Wu Guanzhong’s Chinese art is full of national sentiment. Thomas Kinkade American landscape painting bear a strong commercial sense.

Techniques of Paintings Landscape

No matter art in oil, acrylic, or watercolours, all of them need to use perspective, the knowledge of color and various processing techniques to

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show and strive to make the distinction in the far and near, false and true, change of light and color transition.
By category, paintings landscapes can be divided into: realistic, impressionism, abstract landscape painting, classical, modern, American, Russian, Dutch, Mediterranean, Thomas Kinkade, forest, mountains and water scenes, and idyllic drawing landscapes.

Chinese Landscape Painting

Chinese landscape paintings formed the unique style and aesthetic standard as well as a set of complete theoretical system in the long process of development. When Chinese artist landscape paintings are devoted to the integration between themselves and natural laws in the influence of monism and Tao, western landscapes painters are trying to complete their ideal transformation in the glory of humanistic ideas. Chinese painting of landscapes have specific national means of expression but with the similar origin of western oil landscape painting. In the process of development, they have different aesthetic thought and aesthetic taste form that of European and American landscape painting. For examples, Chinese art has their own characteristics in the form and technique of expression as well as the tool and material. More >>

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