Differing from the conventional post paid system; this is a boon for middle class people, who can reduce the consumption of energy by having certain limit. The pay system is similar to the prepaid cellular connection given by several providers.Smart energy meter consists of the static energy/watt-hour meter, , FPGA,  LCD display, RF modem circuit breaker. The static watt-hour meter doesn’t have any kinetic/mechanical operational part to measure the electricity like in induction type energy meter, what we have in our premises. The static energy meter produces the optical pulse according to the load connected. For example here we are using 6400 Pulse/KWh rating meter. That means the meter produce 6400 optical pulse blink for 1000 watts per hour. Our energy meter setup uses optical probe (IR receiver) to sense the pulse according to the energy utilization by the energy

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meter. The received optical pulse is given to the picoblaze controller. The number of pulse is calculated using the counter.  According to the pulse count, the power consumed is calculated in the FPGA. The picoblaze controller holds the unit-recharged value depending on the power consumed the recharged amount value is reduced. Once the amount reaches the minimum limit warning indication will be displayed in LCD and buzzer will produce the sound. If the value gets reduced to zero then the circuit breaker gets energized and opens the EB supply to the metering unit and power will be cut-off. In EB office will take care of recharging activities Once the user recharge his account, the amount is send to user side with the help of RF modem. New amount is added with the old value  and proceed the above mentioned procedure.

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