Metal Wall Art Panels

Panel Arrangement: • Each panel is independent, making this artwork extremely flexible when it comes to display options. Great for harder areas to install décor such as transitions, stairways, corners, and rounded walls. • Features specialized hanging brackets that allow mounting to the wall in any order or orientation (horizontal or vertical). • You have complete creative freedom to present the art panels as shown, or come up with a completely custom look! Installation: • Nearly all of our large metal artwork panels come with a full scale wall template which makes standard horizontal installation a breeze. Typical install time is about 15 minutes. • Once unpacked, the art panel hanger is designed to be easily unfolded from the rear of each section and placed directly on your

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wall with the fastener of your choice. • Our aluminum wall art panels are very light weight, only weighing about a pound each. Display: • Bright lighting brings out the dramatic personality of this amazing wall art. LED or Halogen track lighting are the best choices, in about 3000k (bright white) colors. • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation locations without direct sunlight. • We recommend purchasing large artwork panels first, and then matching room paint colors and accessories as each monitor will display color slightly differently. Care: • Nearly maintenance free, your new panel art will only need an occasional wipe down with a damp microfiber towel. • Avoid over handling with bare hands, natural oils in your fingers can leave prints that are more difficult to remove.

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