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Sample Tests - EU EPSO Tests Series

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To assist you in preparing for the EPSO exams

Training4EU Team

 provides you with a series of sample tests with exam-ples of verbal, numerical, abstract, situa-tional judgment, accuracy & precision, and prioritizing & organizing questions.

1. Verbal Reasoning:

 Using a short para-graph of text on virtually any topic, this test requires to choose from 4 or 5 an-swer options the one that fully matches the statements in the original text. There is always only one correct an-swer because other options may con-tain insufficient information or false statements. There are 20 verbal reason-ing questions in a competition, and the allocated time is 35 minutes.

2.Numerical Reasoning: 

In the form of multiple-choice this test requires data interpretation and mathematical calcula-tions. Using information presented through tables and graphs, you will be required to draw conclusions and calcu-late changes within these data sets. Ba-sic mathematical skills such as percent-ages, arithmetic operations, and ratios must be reviewed prior to taking the test. There are 10 numerical reasoning questions in a competition, and the allo-cated time is 20 minutes.

3. Abstract Reasoning:

Using a series of images, this test requires candidates to identify which one should be next

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in the row, based on an inherent logic be-


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tween the presented images. There are 10 abstract reasoning questions in a competition, and the allocated time is 10 minutes.

4. Situational Judgement Test:

 This test requires candidates to choose the most favorable and least favorable course of action in a given situation. Candidates are expected to have a basic understand-ing of corporate culture and code of con-duct to successfully pass the test. There are 20 situational judgement questions in a competition, and the allocated time is 30 minutes.

5. Organizing and Prioritizing Test: 

This test requires candidates to check a table with various information about sched-ules, timetables, agendas, vehicle ca-pacities and other practical information and find the best solution to a practical organisation or logistics problem. There are organizing and prioritizing 20 ques-tions in a competition, and the allocated time is 24 minutes (AST level only).

6. Accuracy and Precision Test:

This test requires candidates to identify, based on a table and various icons, mis-takes, errors, typos or other ‘inaccura-cies’ in a control line under a heavy time-pressure. There are 40 accuracy and precision questions in a competi-tion, and the allocated time is 6 minutes (AST only).


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