Cover Letter for Custodian

Custodians work in different settings such as schools, residential buildings, offices, and public buildings. They are needed to look after the maintenance and care of buildings and animals. In some cases, custodians may also offer non-medical health-care service to individuals who are unable to look after themselves. Their duties may differ according to the type of work setting. It is necessary to write the cover letter specifying the responsibilities managed in a given facility. There are specific rules regarding the type of settings you are applying to when writing the letter.

Tips to write a cover letter

  • The letter should be properly identifiable for the recipients. To give it an identity, start with your personal information on top left. Include phone number, and email address to ease future correspondence from the employers.

  • The date is important as well. It gives a life to the letter, and the receivers can know when it is written. Include the date below your personal details.

  • Indicate the recipient's name and address below the date. Do not add phone number and email address of the addressee. Just ensure that you are writing to a person and not any department. If you couldn't find the name of the individual even after calling the office, then indicate the department name. Most likely, you have to write human-resources department.

  • Write the standard salutation used in business correspondence such as 'Dear Mr./Ms. Copper.' If the letter is written is to the department, then mention 'To Whom It May Concern.'

  • Open the letter by identifying yourself and the reason for writing. The current trend professionals follow for opening the letter is to state the key responsibilities of the job and then state that you hold the ability to handle it, which makes you ideal for the job.

  • Mention the custodian responsibilities in one or two paragraphs using action verbs. It must make the reader clear what you can

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    do for him or her.

  • End the letter by thanking for the time and effort taken in reading the letter.

  • Close the letter with a formal 'sincerely,' and then sign it with you name below it.

Cover Letter Sample

Anthony M. McClure 1800 Barnes Street Orlando, FL 32822 Phone: 407-282-6459


October 01, 2013

Thomas K. Duncan Hiring Manager Liberal School 627 Smith Street

Orlando, FL 32725

Dear Duncan,

If you agree with the key quality for working in a custodian position is the ability to clean and do the maintenance of the facility, then you can easily accept my application for the same. For my training, skills and experience would leave you with no reason for not to accept it for a Custodian position.

I am working as a Custodian with District Mall for the last 15 months. In these months' time, my service has made me capable of handling any type of maintenance and cleaning work. I am proficient in using different types of cleaning instruments manufactured by local and multi-national companies. I can easily work with mops, vacuum cleaner, chemicals and detergents. I am used to in placing the 'Warning' sing board at the right place while cleaning the floor so that there is no incidence of slippery and fatal injuries.

Besides cleaning, I can also handle minor repair works related to plumbing, electricity and masonry. I can replace light fixtures, unclog water pipes, remove and change water pipes, install carpet, concrete the path, etc.

I am an enthusiastic Custodian and does my work with safety, precaution and great details. Should I drop at your office on next Tuesday at 11:00 am? Please call me if you have other appointments or are out of station. Thanking you for your time.


Anthony M. McClure

Enclosure: Resume

This letter has a different opening that can succeed in grabbing the reader's interest. If you are convinced, try to inculcate it in your letter.

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