Sample Cover Letter Format

Your address City, ST Zip


Name of Contact Person Title Organization Street address City, ST Zip

Dear (contact person),

Opening Paragraph: Why writing? Capture interest!

  • Strong opening sentences to make the reader want to continue reading.
  • Name the job for which you are applying. Tell how you learned about it.
  • Mention the name of a person (if any) who referred you to the organization.
  • Perhaps pose a question that zeros in on a high-need area for the employer.

Body Paragraph: Critical content section. Convince the reader of your skills.

  • Acknowledge the skills required by the open position.
  • State the skills/strengths you will bring to the job and that parallel those needed to fill the position.
  • Give examples of skills, achievements - and how

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    they will transfer to the job. 

  • Comment on your knowledge of the company (their products, services, or special projects) and why you are interested in working for them.

Closing Paragraph: Ask for interview - identify next step!

  • Refer to enclosed resume.
  • Assert yourself by telling the contact person that you will call on a designated date. Alternatively, state that you are available for a personal interview at her/his convenience.
  • Make it easy for the person to contact you: list your phone number and times you can be reached. Even if it is on the resume, list it here again!

Sincerely, (Respectfully, etc.) (sign your name) Your Name Typed Enclosures: Resume


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