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2007 Projects
2007-1 Developing a Testbed for Distributed Search by Mobile Sensors
2007-2 Complex clinical data merging, management, and presentation
2007-3 Locating a high volume memory device fabrication facility: A global study
2007-4 Force-feedback simulation for operators in virtual surgery and dissection tasks
2007-5 Collaborative Risk-Based Preparedness for Natural and Man-Made Disasters in the Commonwealth of Virginia
2007-6 Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience for Virginia's Transportation Systems
2007-7 Ivy Groundwater Assessment and Mapping
2007-8 Web-based Crime Analysis Toolkit (WebCAT) Development
2007-9 Corrosion Analysis Automation
2007-10 Evaluating Tools for Unstructured Data Mining
2007-11 Human-in-the-loop simulation testbed for wireless sensor networking for Infrastructure surveillance
2007-12 Computer Vision Information Systems for wireless surveillance
2007-13 Utility-Based Algorithms for Efficient Information Management
2007-14 Aggregation of Route and Service Data from Local Transit Systems to a Statewide Model
2007-15 Venture Analysis: A GO team
2007-16 Database Functionality for the Environmental Assessment of Consumer Products
2007-17 Emergency Mental Health System Design
2007-18 Coordination of Commercial off-the-shelf Robots (COTSBOTS)
2007-19 US-Brazil Cognitive Engineering Exchange
2006 Projects
2006-1 US-Brazil Cognitive Engineering Exchange
2006-2 Enterprise Level Ground System Process Modeling
2006-3 Scenario Development and Data Collection Tools for Human-in-the-loop Experimentation in support of Crew-centered System Design Approaches
2006-4 Support for Development of a Reference Manual on the Benefits of Regional Transportation Operations Collaboration
2006-5 Virginia Criminal Incident Data Exchange and Analysis System
2006-6 Spatial Analysis System for Uniform Crime Report Data
2006-7 Ivy Groundwater Assessment and Mapping
2006-8 Designing a Search Mechanism for Debt Collection
2006-9 Information Management in Sensor Systems
2006-10 Collaborative Planning for Securing Critical Infrastructures against Catastrophic Events
2006-11 Modeling Online Advertising User Behavior
2006-12 Prioritizing State Highway and Transit Construction Plans
2006-13 Macro-Economic Cyber Security Models
2006-14 Financial Services Gaming Simulation
2006-15 Dynamic Multi-agent Coordination (RoboCops)
2006-16 Medical Research Data Storage and Analysis System
2005 Projects
2005-01 Analyzing the Efficiency of Public Procurement Practices
2005-02 Electronic Medical Record Performance: A Multidimensional Return On Investment
2005-03 A Metropolitan Indigent Patient Medical Specialist Referral Network
2005-04 Engineering Trade Study: Extract-Transform-Load Tools for Data Migration
2005-05 Operational concept development to enhance capacity of the air transportation system
2005-06 Collaborative Decision Tool
2005-07 Programming of Highway and Transit Construction with Business Process Modeling
2005-08 Risk-Based Methodology for Assessing and Managing the Communications Network for Response to Terrorist Events
2005-09 Development of an Information Management System to Support Military Urban Operations
2005-10 Regional Transportation Operations Collaboration and Coordination Demonstration Initiative
2005-11 University of Virginia Department of Athletics “Expert System”
2005-12 Geospatial Repository for Analysis and Safety Planning (GRASP)
2005-13 Web-based Crime Analysis Toolkit (WebCAT)
2005-14 Development of a Sales Force Automation Tool for Appian Corporation
2005-15 Project Selection for Technology Investment
2005-16 Mapping private well water quality in Southwestern Virginia
2005-17 US-Brazil Cognitive Engineering Exchange
2005-18 Dynamic Multi-agent Coordination (RoboCops)
2005-19 Developing a Parametric Design Tool for Lighter than Air Vehicles (LTAs)
2004 Projects
2004-01 Using agent-based simulation to reduce collateral damage during military operations
2004-02 Web-based Flight Dispatcher Icing Training
2004-03 Modeling the Impact on Infrastructure Interdependencies of Virginia’s Highway Transportation System Due to Terrorist Attack
2004-04 Developing a Signal Processing and Analysis Tool for Rocket Motor Measurements – Phase 2
2004-05 Systems Analysis and Adaptive Learning for Portfolio Management of Superfund Sites
2004-06 VTrans2025 Statewide Long-Range Multimodal Transportation Plan
2004-07 Development and Financial Constraint of Virginia's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
2004-08 A First Responder Tool for Hazardous Material response
2004-09 Design and deployment of an automated spatial data transformation tool and data layer search tool for GRASP: the Geospatial Repository for Analysis and Safety Planning
2004-10 Online GIS crime mapping and analysis application for the Commonwealth of Virginia
2004-11 Decisions Aids for Optimal Satellite Deployment
2004-12 Wireless Application Prototyping and Security Architecture Analysis
2004-13 Department of Athletics Policies and Procedures Manual
2004-14 Capacity-Building for Municipal Sanitation Services in Low-Income Communities
2004-15 Simulation of Distributed Systems for Target Recognition
2004-16 Incentive Contracts for Infrastructure in Developing Countries
2004-17 Studying team performance
2004-18 Client/Customer Relationship Management Tool
2003 Projects
2003-01 Simulation-Based Requirements Traceability
2003-02 Simulation of Spacer Grid Manufacturing for Nuclear Fuel Assemblies
2003-03 Network Infrastructure Security--Intrusion Detection
2003-04 Developing a Signal Processing and Analysis Tool for Rocket Motor Measurements
2003-05 Research and Development (R&D) Project Selection
2003-06 Application of Peer-to-Peer Technology to Advanced Emergency Response Systems:  Real-Time Voice and Video over a Peer-to-Peer Network
2003-07 Application of Peer-to-Peer Technology to Advanced Emergency Response Systems: Secure Collaboration over a Peer-to-Peer Network Analysis of EliteNet Interface Enhancements
2003-08 Hoocrew: Improving the Basketball Attendance Process
2003-09 Developing Flight Dispatcher Icing Training
2003-10 Allocation of Funds for Roadway Lighting Safety and Security
2003-11 Comparison Tool for the Statewide Transportation Plan
2003-12 Managing the Maintenance of Virginia’s Roads and Highways
2003-13 Virginia’s Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Study
2003-14 Modeling Strategic Equilibrium Prices for Virginia’s Electricity Market
2003-15 Online Database and Mapping Application of an Online Crime Analysis System for use by Crime Analysts Worldwide
2003-16 Production and Deployment of a Spatial Data Repository.  AnOnline Access Point for the National Repository for Criminal Justice Data
2003-17 Litigation Risk Scoring Model for Patents
2003-18 Risk-Based Methodology for Intelligence Collection and Scenario Tracking for Terrorism
2003-19 An Internet-Based Course in Environmental Systems Analysis
2003-20 The Consortium for Integrated Municipal Sanitation Systems (CIMSS) -- Website
2003-21 Radiological Response Aids for First Responders
2003-22 Management of Credit Portfolios
2002 Projects
2002-01 Automated Defect Pattern Recognition: An Approach to Defect Classification and Lot Characterization
2002-02 Building a More Accurate Output Prediction Model for Dominion Semiconductor
2002-03 Real-Time Control of a Discrete-Event Simulation Using sn External Controller
2002-04 Analysis and Improvement of an Information Technology Work Order System
2002-05 Modeling and Data Analysis in the Credit Card Industry: Bankruptcy, Fraud, and Collections
2002-06 Determination of Credit Market Opportunities for Providian Financial Corporation
2002-07 Methodology for the Economic Analysis of On-Orbit Servicing of Satellites
2002-08 Using Eye Tracking Technology for Web Site Usability Analysis
2002-09 Aid to the Comparison of Major Infrastructure Investments
2002-10 Creating Digital Case Studies: Monsanto and Intellectual Property
2002-11 Systems Integration Review: Requirements Traceability, Functional Analysis, and Design Evaluation on the Illinois Department of Transportation Positive Train Control System
2002-12 Automating the Order Confirmation System
2002-13 Developing an Online Geographical Information System to Assist in the Analysis of Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Data
2002-14 The Design and Development of WebCAT: An Online Crime Analysis Tool
2002-15 The Production and Development of GRASP: A Geospatial Repository for Analysis and Safety Planning
2002-16 Point Of Sale Fraud Prevention
2002-17 Virginia's Critical Infrastructure Protection: A Statewide Risk Assessment Study
2002-18 Managing the Maintenance of Virginia's Roads and Highways
2002-19 Video-Based Training for Laparoscopic Surgery
2002-20 Patent Litigation Risk-Scoring Model
2002-21 Multi-Objective Scoring Strategies Tool (MOSST)
2002-22 Enhancing Data Center Asset Allocation and Information Management Processes
2002-23 Methodology for Resource Allocation for Roadway Lighting
2001 Projects
2001-00 Analysis of Charlottesville's Voting System - Executive Master's Program Capstone Course Project
2001-01 Automated Call Center Analysis and Modeling
2001-02 FTP Management System
2001-03 Where Memory Chips Go Bad: Automating Pattern Recognition in Die/Sort Maps
2001-04 Development of a Risk Management Road Map
2001-05 Virginia's Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection: A Risk Assessment Study
2001-06 Idea Integration
2001-07 Radionuclide Maintenance Monitoring System
2001-08 Multiobjective Analysis to Select Major Transportation-System Improvements
2001-09 Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery by a Transportation Agency
2001-10 Development of a Distributed e-Commerce Messaging Module
2001-11 Metrics for an ISP's Information Technology Department
2001-12 Scisim: Simulating Scientific and Engineering Controversies
2001-13 Acute Abdominal Pain Workup
2001-14 Missile Information Management
2001-15 Design of an Interactive Advice Tool for the First Union Web Site
2001-16 Eyegaze Correlations with Memory of Visual Data
2001-17 Design and Implementation of an Integrated Public Safety Information System
2001-18 Modeling Airline Economics: Airline Decision Making in the Hub and Spoke Environment
2001-19 Design and Implementation of an Online Crime Reporting System for the Commonwealth of Virginia
2001-20 Designing Customer Service Capabilities for E-Commerce
2001-21 Legacy Data Integration
2001-22 Design and Implementation of Target Tracking Systems with Sparse Data
2001-23 Algorithms and Software for Credit Portfolio Optimization
2001-24 Analysis And Valuation of Intellectual Property
2001-25 Business-to-Business e-Commerce Configuration Implementation
2001-26 Design And Analysis of Distribution Systems
2000 Projects
2000-01 Design and Implementation of an Exportable and/or Distributed Crime Analysis Program (UCAP) for Use by Local Law Enforcement Agencies
2000-02 Incorporating Risk Management with Critical Infrastructure Protection
2000-03 Risk-Based Site Selection and Upgrading of Highway Guardrails
2000-04 Electronic Commerce at UVA
2000-05 Development of a Community-Based Network eXchange (CBNX)
2000-06 Information Technology Infrastructure for First Select
2000-07 Perspective Technology Corporation Training Track Administrator
2000-08 A Web-based Engineering Advising Tool (WEAT) for SEAS
2000-09 Feasibility Study for Time Series-Based Simulation Validation
2000-10 Profitability Scoring Models for Cellular Retention Systems
2000-11 Developing a Multi-Attribute Model Program for an Integrated Product Data Environment
2000-12 Semiconductor Manufacturing Information Technology Center
2000-13 Virtual Distribution Center
2000-14 The development of a dynamic e-commerce web site to assist students, alumni, and their families with University affiliated events and information
2000-15 Traffic Modeling and Verification for Ericsson Cable Modem Systems
2000-16 What Should Zoning Boards Know?
2000-17 Network and Data Quality Assurance Analysis in Support of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
2000-V1 Creation of a Quality Assurance Patch for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
2000-V2 Designing an Operation Other than War Decision Support System Prototype for Military Leaders and Planners of the 21st Century
2000-V3 United States Military Academy Fresh Water Decision Support System
1999 Projects
1999-01 Development of an Integrated Manufacturing Work Instruction System
1999-02 Providian Collections Department Strategy
1999-03 Perspective Technology Corporation Adaptive Client Engagement Interface
1999-04 Increasing order batch processing efficiency at Crutchfield Corporation's Distribution Center
1999-05 Java Simulation Library (JSL): An Object-Oriented Simulation Framework in Java
1999-06 Medicaid Management Information System Prototype
1999-07 Browser-Based Operator Interface
1999-08 Database/Forecasting Model for U.S. High-Speed Networking Industry
1999-09 Financial Data Service Integration/Distributed Computing System for Statistical Methods and Neural Network Models
1999-10 Investigation of Operational Improvements for Rural Transit Services
1999-11 Design and Implementation of an Urban Crime Analysis Program (UCAP) for use in Washington, D.C. and Richmond,VA
1999-12 Computer Telephony Integration at SNL Securities
1999-13 Mobile Banking and Loan Processing Environments
1999-14 Inventor’s Toolkit III: The Intelligent Work Processor
1999-15 ERICA
1999-16 Managing the Recovery of Hurricane Damage to the Highways, Bridges, and Tunnels of Virginia
1999-17 Optimal Collections Systems for Credit Card Debt

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