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More and more organizations are realizing the importance of software architecture in their systems' success in areas such as avionics systems, network tactical systems, internet information systems, architecture reconstruction, automotive systems, distributed interactive simulation systems, scenario-based architectural analysis, system acquisition, and wargame simulation systems. 

The SEI can provide information and guidance about architecture-related questions and problems. Please contact us.Below are published case studies of real-world applications of architecture-centric engineering:

Architecture Evaluation, Analysis, and Design

  • A Principled Way to Use Frameworks in Architecture Design (IEEE Computer Society video), February 2013
  • Developing Architecture-Centric Engineering Within TSP (SEI Blog post), Felix Bachmann, October 2011
  • Relating Business Goals to Architecturally Significant Requirements for Software Systems, Paul Clements & Len Bass, May 2010
  • System Architecture Virtual Integration, Peter Feiler, Jorgen Hansson, Dionisio de Niz, Lutz Wrage, November 2009
  • Evaluating Software Architectures: Methods and Case Studies, Paul Clements, Rick Kazman, & Mark Klein, November 2001
  • Scenario-Based Analysis of Software Architecture, Rick Kazman, Gregory Abowd, Len Bass, & Paul Clements, November 1996
  • An Architectural Analysis Case Study: Internet Information Systems, Rick Kazman, Len Bass, Gregory Abowd, and Paul Clements, April 1995

Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM)

  • Using the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method to Evaluate WIN-T: A Case Study, Paul Clements, John Bergey, & Dave Mason, September 2005
  • Using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) to Evaluate the Software Architecture for

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    a Product Line of Avionics Systems: A Case Study, Mario Barbacci, Paul Clements, Anthony Lattanze, Linda Northrop, & William Wood, July 2003

  • Using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method to Evaluate a Wargame Simulation System: A Case Study, Lawrence G. Jones & Anthony J. Lattanze, December 2001
  • Using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method to Evaluate a Reference Architecture: A Case Study, Brian Gallagher, June 2000

Quality Attribute Workshops (QAW)

Architecture Reconstruction

Modeling and Analysis

  • From PIMs to PSMs, Peter Feiler, Dio de Niz, Chris Raistrick, & Bruce Lewis, July 2007
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays: High Assurance through Model-Based Design, Yves LaCerte, Rockwell Collins, January 2007
  • Industrial Applications of AADL: AADL Avionics Case Studies and Concepts for Integrating AADL into System Development, John Mettenbrug, Rockwell Collins, January 2007
  • Model and Verify the architecture of a Satellite Central Flight Software, Dave Thomas, EADS Astrium, July 2006
  • AADL and MDA: Early Experience Applied to Aircraft-Weapon Integration, Yves LaCerte, General Dynamics, February 2005
  • AADL-Modelling of Plug & Play Weapon System Architecture, A. Windisch and H. Schlatt, EADS, 2005
  • Analyzable and Reconfigurable AADL Specifications for IMA System Integration, David Statezni, Rockwell Collins, November 2004
  • Automated System and Software Engineering for Real-Time applications (ASSERT) proposal for a FP6 project, Eric Conquet, ESA/ESTEC - TOS-EME, October 2003

Software Architecture Training and Publications

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