How to Edit Videos for YouTube

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    Choose another editing program, such as Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is a free program that you can easily find on your computer if you have Windows. It is very similar to the video editing program in YouTube. However, you will edit your video on your computer, and then upload it to YouTube.[10]

    • The MAC equivalent of Movie Maker is iMovie. You could buy a professional video editing program instead. Some choices include Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. But these can be costly.
    • If you have Windows on your PC, you should be able to find Windows Movie Maker under your start menu. Transfer your video from your phone or camcorder to your computer using a USB cord. Then, run Movie Maker.

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    Choose a video in Movie Maker. This is a relatively straight-forward process that is very similar to the YouTube video editing program. You will also place videos into a timeline so that you can edit them and add enhancements.

    • Choose “capture from video device” in the left hand bar. You will select a name for your video and where you want to store the footage on your computer. Choose best quality playback on computer when the next screen pops up.
    • Choose whether you want to capture part of the tape or all of it. It depends on how much footage you have. A capture box will come up. Keep the “create clips when wizard finishes” box selected. Use the controls to rewind or fast forward the video to the place in the video you want to capture. Click “start capture.” When you have the footage captured, click “stop capture” and then “finish.”
    • This will break the footage into clips. Choose as many clips as you want with this process, and drag them into the timeline. [11]

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    Edit a clip. Next, you will want to edit your video into smaller segments or remove pieces of the video that you don’t

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    like. For example, maybe a piece of your video is shaky, and you want to get rid of it by editing it out.

    • Choose a video. Click on “show storyboard” and click on the clip. It will appear in the media player. When you press play, you will see a small button on the bottom right of the screen that is the editing button.
    • Press that button when you want to remove a piece of the clip. This will split the footage into two pieces. Delete the piece in the middle that you don’t want by selecting right click and delete.

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    Add video effects. Sometimes you want to improve the quality of your video by brightening it or adding filters or other special effects. This can be done pretty easily in Movie Maker.

    • To improve the video’s quality, click on the video and then right click. When a menu pops up, choose video effects. You will find many options for enhancing your clip, such as the ability to decrease brightness or add other tones. Select what you want and save it.
    • If you want to increase or decrease the volume of audio, click on the clip and then press audio button on the far left. Increase or decrease, and save.
    • To enter credits, go to storyboard view and click on a clip. Choose tools in the top menu and then “titles and credits.” Choose where you want to add a title. Type the title in the box that appears.

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    Add music. To add music to your video, choose “timeline view.” Import a music file into Movie Maker and it will show up at the top of the screen.

    • Drag the music file into the audio music section where you want it to appear in the video. Save it.

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    Export the video file. Choose file and then save movie file from the top menu. Click start. Then upload it to You Tube. [12]

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