what's an IEP diploma?

There are usually three options for diplomas for special education students. They are: A regular high school diploma - You have passed the bulk of your classes with a C, D or better. Special Diploma - Option 1 - Students who are academic enough to take the independent phase of the alternative assessment in academics. This is a certificate of completion. Special Diploma - Option 2 - This diploma is for students who cannot pass the alternate assessment independently and can only pass it with very downgraded academic skills and assistance. You are probably NOT in that category. Another certificate of completion. If you are taking regular classes and do not take the Alternate Assessment, then you are still on regular diploma track. Neither of the special diplomas are good for anything, not even entrance to a community college. If you take the regular state test, then you are on a

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regular diploma track. At eighteen, you are going to want to get some more information on what a diploma means and what your options are. While it is true that you can stay in school until 21, not many students who are simply learning disabled, but who have regular intelligence, would want to stay in school because it can feel demeaning. I think that going to adult school and studying for the GRE is a very good alternative.

Not every student is cut out for the distractions in high school, especially people who are marginal in academics. The pressure is very high and it is hard to stay organized and confident. However, adult school is quieter and more conducive to studying. Just one note of caution. You do not have to pay a private company to prepare you for your GED. Your district will have adult programs for free.

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