MPhil Thesis

It is important to get a thesis supervisor (in Dutch: apromotor ) as early as possible. A detailed list has been compiled of staff members, their areas of specialisation, and possible thesis topics they would be willing to supervise. The list is yearly updated:

  • the possible research topics listed alphabetically by research centres for 2016-2017 (PDF, 338 KB)

Students are strongly encouraged to consult this list when choosing the topic of their thesis and the supervisor. It is also very important that the student meets with her/his supervisor regularly. If the student fails to report to the supervisor's satisfaction, the supervisor can refuse to continue, if s/he so chooses.

The student needs to choose the topic and the supervisor and submit to the Student Secretariat, the Thesis Report 1: Outline, signed by the supervisor, at latest by 15 November (see below, under Progress Report).

Profile of a Good Thesis Supervisor and a good Thesis Student

This profile describes what a student may and may not expect from a good supervisor and what a supervisor may expect from a good thesis student. In case of serious problems the Education Ombudsperson is the contact person.

Practical Guidelines

As part of the MPhil Thesis requirement, students must attend the thesis workshop and the thesis fair at the beginning of the academic year, as well as the library session  and the workshop on delivering a presentation (see the calendar for the times and dates). Students should also consult:

MPhil Thesis Title Page Template

Students are required to include the title page in their thesis. Download the Title Page Template, save it on your computer and fill in the text.

Progress Reporting

The following two forms have to be submitted as part of MPhil Thesis requirement. Both reports have to be signed and submitted to the student secretariat by given deadlines. For both reports there is a double deadline: At latest 2 weeks before you submit the report to the Student Secretariat you have to submit the report first to the supervisor, which will give him/her time to make suggestions on your report which you will have time to implement. The deadlines for submission must be strictly observed. .

Thesis Report 1: Outline

  • This report includes include a title, name of the supervisor, brief description of the thesis (max. 1 A4 page), essential bibliography (max. 1 A4 page), a provisional table of contents, and a work plan, as well as the student’s name, email address and indication of which enrolment of the student for the thesis it is.

  • 'Thesis Report 1: Outline' form (Word). You save the form on your computer, fill it and print 3 copies (one for your supervisor, one for the student secretariat, one for yourself).

  • Deadline for submission of draft report to the supervisor: Monday, 31 October 2016

  • Deadline for submission of the singed report to the student secretariat: Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Thesis Report 2: Progress Report

  • In this report you need to explain what progress you have made on your thesis and what your next plans are for research and writing, in line with a realistic work form. You also need to indicate whether you have already submitted parts of the thesis to your supervisor as well as in which exam session you are planning to submit your thesis

  • 'Thesis Report 2: Progress Report' form (Word). You save the form on your computer, fill it and print 3 copies (one for your supervisor, one for the student secretariat, one for yourself).

  • Deadline for submission of draft report to the supervisor: Wednesday, 15 February 2017

  • Deadline for submission of the singed report to the student secretariat: Wednesday, 1 March 2017

  • The aim of this double deadline is to give the supervisor chance to give you feedback on your work as well as to give you possibility to adjust your

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    research work and the report based on this feedback.

Specific guidelines for students enrolled in the thesis year:

Thesis Report 1: Outline

  • For students enrolled in the thesis year apply the same deadlines like for regular students.

  • If you continue working on the same subject with the same supervisor, please use the specific form: 'Thesis Year Progress Report' (Word).

  • You can change the topic and the supervisor only with permission of the Programme Director. In this case, please use the regular form for the 'Thesis Report 1: Outline' (Word).

  • Report 2: Progress Report

  • The same instructions like for students enrolled for the first time for the thesis.

WARNING: Keep in mind that you can enroll for the MPhil thesis max. three times (so in three academic years). The fourth registration for the MPhil thesis is always refused.

Formal Criteria Checklist

Beforeyou submit the thesis, you need to check the MPhil Thesis Formal Criteria Checklist (Word, 54.1 kB) to make sure your thesis meets all the formal criteria. Please note you need to submit 3 filled in, printed and signed copies of this checklist, together with the thesis (not bound but inserted to the thesis), to the Student Secretiariat.

Keep in mind: No submission deadline extension will be allowed if your thesis does not comply with the criteria upon submission! (Or in other words: you will be not allowed to resubmit the thesis ‘a few hours’ later if upon submission you ‘discover’ you forgot about the checklist and your thesis has no page numbers, e.g. In this case, you will need to submit the thesis anyhow and you will fill in the checklist in our office).

Submission of the Thesis

By the deadlines listed above the student:

  • submits 3 printed and bound copies of the thesis to the Student Secretariat. (It is recommended that you have 4 copies printed and bound since you will also need a copy at the defence.)
  • submits 3 filled in, printed and signed copies of the Formal Criteria Checklist (see above) to the Student Secretariat (not bound but inserted to the thesis).
  • uploads the thesis electronically (as a PDF file) in KU Loket
  • enters the following metadata via KU Loket: language (English), title, supervisor, number of pages and summary (abstract)

Nota bene:

  • There is a manual for the KU Loket application Master's Thesis.
  • thesis that is not submitted as required (as set out above), by the deadline (date and time), will not be accepted for submission.
  • All theses submitted via KU Loket will be automatically uploaded in Turnitin (software system for plagiarism check). It is no longer required that you upload your thesis in Turnitin yourself.


On the basis of the thesis topic, the Vice Dean for Education and the Director of the International Programme assign two additional thesis readers.

The thesis supervisor and readers evaluate the thesis. During the last week of the exam session (and after the other exams), a thesis defence is held, at which the student has the opportunity to further clarify her/his methods and findings in discussion with the supervisor and the readers. For the defense dates, see above. The details of each defence (such as the reader, time and place) are announced one week before the defence date. Organisation of defence is explained in detail under ‘Summary’ (please see above).


The jury members each give a grade (on a scale of 20) on the basis of the quality of the thesis text and of the defence; the three grades are averaged for the final grade. The MPhil thesis has the weight of 24 credits in calculation of the overall percentage for the programme. Detailed evaluation criteria are available under ‘Summary’ (please see above).

Not passing for the MPhil Thesis (the averaged grade) means not passing for the programme as such.


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