Learn How to Set Quizzes, Check User Activity & Get PIN Activated

Set quizzes, check how often students are logging in to check homework details & activate PINs.

I love the idea of self-marking quizzes, but I’m a Maths Teacher! What have you got for me?

The Quiz feature allows you set questions to your students who will then have to choose the correct answer from a selection of incorrect answers.  

Click the Create quiz button in the Set homework menu. You will then be taken to a form where you will fill in some general information about the quiz as if it is a normal homework.

Title: First of all, enter the title for the quiz. This will appear on the school calendar, as well as the students’ personal calendars.

Subject: Select a subject for the assignment. This will help students locate their homework on the school calendar, while it’s also important for reports etc.

Select class: Select the class group your homework will be assigned to from the drop down menu.

Repeat this step as many times as necessary to set homework to multiple classes.

You can also post homework to a class you are covering: the classes you don’t teach can be found at the bottom of that list.

Time limit per question: You will be able to choose how long you would like to give your students to answer each question. Select from the drop down menu 15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds.

Issue and Due dates: The Issued on field allows you to set the date on which the task will first appear in the school calendar as well as the student and parent personal calendars. This allows you to set homework far in advance while preventing the students from rushing ahead. The Due on field allows you to select the last day the task will be open for submissions.

Add Questions: Add your first question, the correct answer and at least one incorrect answer. You can add additional incorrect answers by clicking on Add another wrong answer.

Add an image for your question by clicking on the Choose file button.

To add more questions, click on Add Question which will appear in the bottom left hand corner, once you've finished adding in the first question. You can add as many questions as you require.

When you are finished, you can publish the quiz straight to the calendar or else save as a draft.

Do you have a method to find out how active users are? And to find people who haven’t yet logged into Show My Homework?

The Activities Report is how you can make sure students are actively using Show My Homework. Like all reports, this can be accessed from the Reports tab in the taskbar and then click

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View report.

Once you have gotten to the Activities Report page, you will see the first ten students at the school listed in alphabetical order along with registration group information. The last column will provide a date and time for the student’s last activity on Show My Homework or it will say “Never logged in” if the student has still not logged in. To view more students, simply scroll.

You will also see a set of filters on the left side of the page to allow you to narrow down the list of user, class, year, and registration group. You can also simply search for the student using the search box. user activity report

I’m at a school that’s using PINs instead of temporary usernames/passwords for student and parent logins - how do I access these?

One of the most important things for a Show My Homework administrator is to get user logged in. For PIN activated schools, this is done by simply releasing their pre generated PINs to parents and students.

logging in details

Click on the Admin tab, followed by the Login details tab.

From this page, Step 1 is to filter by Year group or Registration group, or simply search for the School you need. You can choose not to filter, but the file might be too big to download.

login details

Step 2 is to just click PDF to generate a list of PINs that can be given to students and or parents.

You can also use the XLS button to generate the PINs in an an excel file, which can be used to populate a letter template to be sent home. 

Login details


Q: What do parents and students do with the PIN?

A: Users will take their pin to showmyhomework.co.uk and press Login. They will then enter the Pin in the correct field. If entered correctly the user will be prompted to choose a password for future logins.

Q: Can a PIN change like a password?

A: A PIN number will never change. In case a user forgets their username and password, the PIN will always remain the same to avoid confusion. However, a new can be generated if the need should arise.

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