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We understand that engaging parents and pupils in the learning process plays an important part in improving achievement. With SIMS Learning Gateway, information can easily be shared between parents, teachers and pupils, instantly and securely through an online portal.

SIMS Learning Gateway offers online access to SIMS data, anytime, anywhere, so you can offer staff flexible working. With the option to work from school or home, staff can work in the way that is most efficient for them.

Schools can choose which information parents and students view through the fully customisable online portal. They can share information on; homework, assessment, behaviour, registration, reports and school announcements. Parents can help their child with homework or areas they may be struggling with, check that they’ve arrived safely at school and keep up to date with the latest school information.

SIMS Learning Gateway can be accessed through any internet enabled device, including mobile phones, so even the busiest parents can stay up to date with their child’s school life.

You can offer staff the flexibility of working from home, withfull accessto the data held in SIMS. Staff can access, edit and drill down into live data remotely from laptops, tablets and smartphones. Giving teachers and school staff the opportunity to choose where they work from helps improve work life balance and allows staff to work in the most efficient way for them. 

SIMS Learning Gateway reduces the number of communications you print and post home. Schools no longer have to rely on pupils passing information on to parents, as communications can be received instantly through the online portal. There is the option to share information with both parents if required. Schools can use the data collection sheets to request information from parents, such as contact details, reducing the administrative burden for school staff.

With less time spent on administration, teachers can concentrate on inspiring pupils and the school office can operate more efficiently.

Teacher spending time with class

The audit trail created from parent and student

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communications through the online portal can be used as evidence in your next Ofsted inspection. Whether its evidencing homework being set, proof that you are tackling interventions or improving safeguarding arrangements, all the information is documented in SIMS Learning Gateway.   

Ofsted have an increasing focus on homework. SIMS Learning Gateway helps teachers to plan, set and manage homework tasks. Details of assignments and grades can be sent to students and parents through the portal, where features such as the homework calendar help them to manage the tasks they’ve been set. Greater visibility encourages pupils to drive their own achievements and parents can offer support to improve their child’s progress.

SIMS Learning Gateway homework diary screen

Schools with Hosted SIMS Learning Gateway are eligible for the SIMS Teacher app at no additional cost. The SIMS Teacher app makes everyday classroom tasks simple for teachers. You can access student information, take the register and record conduct and assessment at the tap of a button. The SIMS Teacher app can even be used offline if there is no internet connection available.  

Learn more about the SIMS Teacher app >

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  • Provide evidence to Ofsted that homework is being assigned and having a positive impact on pupil performance.

  • Remote working allows teachers to work more efficiently. They can also tailor parents evening to be more constructive due to regular communication with parents.

  • Parents are more involved with their child’s school life. Pupils can take ownership of their learning and plan their workload more effectively.

  • Parents can check that their children have been registered as arriving at school. Stronger safeguarding arrangements reduce enquires to the school office.

  • Pupils and parents can access key information from their mobiles including; timetables, homework assignments and grades.

  • SIMS Learning Gateway helps to motivate pupils to drive their own achievement by giving them access to their own learning targets. Find out more >

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