Is homework beneficial for students?

  • All it brings us is more work there is just to much of it. There is not a reason that we should not be able to have our own free time. This is for every one you should have the time of your life not a lot of school work from the teacher.

  • I think that if we keep having and giving homework that kids won't do it. But some of them don't do homework as it is. I remember when i was in 6th grade the year i got healed back. I really didn't care to do my homework because i thought that it was a waste of trees and a waste of my time. So the next year came and i didn't want to get held back again. So i knew that if i pass and get my crap in a line the i would pass. Which i did now i am in college and i am a straight A student.

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  • We already have a lot of work at school and the homework stresses some children out and it should be your own time when u get home to play mincraft of animal jam or on a tablet or phone whatever i think it would be fair to children so we do not need homework!

  • Students have school for approximately eight hours a day. We go to school, study hard, and do our best. Then they give us ASSIGNED homework. We go home and spend 1-3 hours on homework. Most students don't get home from school until about 4 o'clock. That gets us to 7 o'clock after 3 hours of homework. Then after that we have to eat dinner which brings us to 8 o'clock. Then as students some have chores which will bring us to about 10 o'clock. Now, most teens go to sleep around 10 o'clock pm. So...Where's OUR time.We as teens NEED some time to ourselves. As the school systems are today we have NO time to ourselves. We wake up the next morning and do it all over again. We can't keep doing this. We have to contain this homework problem across the world. This is how teens become depressed and are just tired of life. It's truly exhausting knowing that you never get a break. THis needs to be fixed. We need to get rid of homework UNLESS its a study guide or unfinished classwork. Assigned homework doesn't help students. Most of them don't do it anyways. LETS ABOLISH HOMEWORK.

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  • The irony is that by pushing homework for the purpose of building a smarter generation of kids, homework does the opposite. A child who struggles would benefit from homework, right? Wouldn’t the countless time sitting at a table desperately trying to make the numbers fit would help them learn quadratic equations? Definitely not. If a kid has no idea what he’s doing, he will only succeed in tiring himself out, like a square peg trying to be crammed into a round hole. Frustrating himself, he concludes that he can’t do the work and is dumber than the rest of the kids in his class. Likewise, a kid who knows the material cold will just waste time where he could be doing more wholesome activities. It turns into busywork and is as mundane as doing chores. Finally, it is also important to point out that not many kids are in their best state of mind when they get home from school. After spending six hours getting information packed into their heads, the homework first rule enforced by many parents makes kids start their homework unfocused after the chaos of middle school. Careless mistakes could made, and since homework is practicing the material, as many parents and teachers would say, these mistakes will stick. As one of my most esteemed teachers once said, “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect,” meaning that a mistake will carry through to the child’s schoolwork. To conclude, homework, the practically worshiped teaching method, is counter productive for struggling kids, kids who understand the material, and generally causes mistakes to carry through into a kid’s schoolwork.

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