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Writing homework help is just a click away! Below is some additional information on how we can help you achieve your writing goals. We’ve Been Writing for 5,000 Years! Writing began for very practical reasons. Southern Mesopotamians living around 3100 BC needed a way for farmers to record how much barley (and other crops) they were delivering to the temple stores, so they began scratching symbols and numbers into soft clay tablets. Writing developed, therefore, from the need to record temple activities such as business and trade transactions. From there, writing would begin to be used for stories, mythology, and personal letters, in all kinds of different languages, the earliest of which were Sumerian, Akkadian, Elamite, Hittite, and Urartian.

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4 Effective Homework Tips for College Students

For most, college is anything but easy. Sure, there are loads of social events and opportunities to meet new people and hang with friends; however, the academics require a lot from students! One thing is certain, college students are often bogged down with more homework than they know how to handle. Here are 4 effective homework tips that can help any college student get a hold of the curricular workload. 1. Schedule a regular study time Often times college students neglect to make regular time to study for their classes. Instead, they try to finish large assignments or study for big tests in the wee hours of the morning, or in the time between social events.

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During the school day, your schedule is probably made up for you. Once the bell rings, though, it's up to you to take control of school-related Have-To's. Write everything down. Put your homework assignments, test dates, and project due-dates on paper as soon as your teacher gives them to you. If you keep your Weekly Planner with you, all this info will be in one place rather than scribbled on random pieces of paper or in notebook margins. Stay organized. Keeping your schoolwork and papers organized helps you manage time. Keep each class or subject in its own folder, or buy one of those multi-pocket folders that will hold the whole shebang.

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