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Kevin’s Amazon Best-Selling book,The Big Black Lie , is not just another Conservative political book. The Big Black Lieis a satirical yet poignant romp through the life of the author.

Readers are treated to an eye-opening journey through the eyes of a black kid who should have failed but didn’t. The product of a broken home, a deadbeat drug-addicted father and poverty, Jackson had all the excuses. Jackson puts you into the mind of a child coming to crossroads in his life, and the thoughts that allowed him to overcome. When confronted with adversity, Jackson epitomized the American spirit, and overcame.

Jackson’s book has been described as “the funniest political book I’ve ever read.”

This book helps Americans understand how the Left has wrongly defined our country. It helps parents understand that it’s the little things that can affect their children and build patriotic warriors.


Kevin doesn’t allow anybody to think like a victim after reading this book, and he explains the most important skills that he

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has learned in life.

The Big Black Lieis amustin your literary collection.  Readers will become empowered byThe Big Black Lie , and they will find it a truly enjoyable read!

“ Kevin tells an honest heart-wrenching story that most of us can unfortunately related to.  This is a must read for every person who grew up without a father and for those who were fortunate enough to grow up with a loving father .”  – Rev. Wayne Perryman, Theologian, author ofUnfounded Loyalty

“ Kevin’s book shows first hand that no one ever has a reason for being a perpetual victim.  His raw, revealing, honest story about his father and upbringing only reaffirms that regardless of your circumstances, one can still find a foundation of values and virtues in their lives, that can assure them success in all walks of life.  This should be a must read for all high schools and libraries.”– Armstrong Williams, Conservative Political Pundit, Columnist, and Radio Show Host

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